iMango 1.2 for Mac OS X


Click on the image to download the current version 1.2

iMango is a supplement of Spotlight. It finds files, folders or contents in any file and diplays the results in a tree view, so that you can browse through the folder structure of the results much quicker and more intuitively than in Spotlight.

It is donationware and you can freely download it here fully functional.

Drag files onto the window (e.g. one word file from your Desktop) to quickly get an overview which subfolders of your desktop contain word files. If you can find some similar files, try selecting 2 or more of them at once and dragging them onto iMango together. iMango will search the files that contain the largest common substring – e.g. for “Annual marketing report 2013.docx” and “Annual business report 2013.xlsx” it will search all files containing “report 2013.” automatically.

Finding your files real easy.

Version 1.2 is compatible with Mavericks. Confirmed to work on 10.6 – 10.9 and should work on 10.5

System requirements : Mac OS X

Windows and linux versions on request

4 thoughts on “iMango 1.2 for Mac OS X

  1. Hello, I started the version 1.1 on a iMac 24 with Lion. After entering the 2 criteria the app has crashed on 2 occasions. Will not run. Regards, Peter Brendel

    Comment : The problem has been fixed in 1.2.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. The app seems to be unexpecteldy unstable on various system combinations that I cannot reproduce easily. I will do a testing round on more systems that I have access to, add a proper bug reporting and come back to you shortly.

      If you experience crashes, please post a short report here, if possible with some details from the crash. Thank you.

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